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you're too easy, BOY

From : transurgeon

Q: when i did mine i used one of my large pullers to help get them free but in hind sight penetrating oil probably would have helped. yeah - i never had nor have - go figure a puller large enough for my drums. at times a sledge hammer sure came in handy. ive often heard of the trick but never tried it personally if running the truck in gear up to about 20mph or so then hitting the brakes. the idea is that the shock load without the wheels clamping the drum will be enough to free it. sounds like a perfect way to make shrapnel to me but hey - its worked for others. also - make sure there arent any of those little metal assembly clips on the studs. sure they look small and thin enough but they make it a royal pain to remove the drum or rotor depending. pry them off with a screwdriver and toss them out - theyre just there to hold things together on the assembly line and arent needed otherwise. .