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wont fire up

From : upsterrier

Q: hello i have a 2001 dodge cummins with 116000 miles. i was pulling a load and the motor shut down. i still hear the fuel pump running and i have plenty of fuel. any suggestions do you have fuel getting to the injectors crack open an injector line at the head and see if you get fuel leaking out while cranking. if not you either have a fuel delivery problem to the pump or the injector pump quit. .


From : tom lawrence

tbone wrote had to do the same thing only 1 for me so far same year and less miles. funny how my 89 nissan still has its original steel lines and there just fine. i guess that its just another dc or at the time chrysler method of increasing profits at the customers expense. ya dang greedy republican rich bastards huh 93 nissan altimas brake lines leaked and had to be replaced. must have been a fluke eh .