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wiper hose replacement

From : mdaldo

Q: replace it. if anyone could tell me how to replace that cable i would greatly appreciate it. thanks if someone could tell us what kind of vehicle you have that would be greatly appreciated too. .


From : roy

my 2001 dakota 3.9 cranks properly and periodically starts and runs for 10 to 20 seconds no missing then stops. the fuel pump cycles when the key is turned on and runs for a few seconds and turns off which is normal. fuel rail pressure is around 45 psi. when the problem happens there is no spark and no voltage to the coil. i have changed the camshaft position sensor checked the crankshaft sensor and all the fuses. could it be the asd automatic shut down relay. im having trouble locating it where is it located the haynes manual and owners manual mention them but dont show them. when the trouble first happened there were no codes stored in the pcm. now the abs and air bag lights are on. i have a cheap obd11 scan tool that shows no codes stored on the computer even with the abs and air bag lights on. i need some sound advise. thank you will .