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wheel help

From : ron scindy jones

Q: and to all the naysayers that think i am a bumbling fool and dont have a clue as to what i am doing i do have a lot of common sence just not a lot of money to throw away you freaking lucked out! your diagnostic skills suck! the info you posted proved nothing! greg why greg it does sound like you are jealous that someone did something that you did not. maybe you got suckered into paying a fat bill or if you are one of the certified group you dont like it when things go in favor of the customer. i have been working on and engineering industrial machinery for 30 years i know a little bit about what works and what does not work and when things are going in the wrong direction. when you can put your hand on the low pressure limit switch and feel the contacts opening what does that tell you...that the switch is stopping the compressor! when you add gas to the system and the switch that is operated by low pressure stops opening i would say that is a pretty good indication that the system was low on gas in the first place! if the addition of the additional gas would not have made a difference in the operation of the switch then i would have stopped and figured that was not the answer and reduced the pressure to the original reading. or if the outlet air temp did not change that would have been a red flag also. but i guess all of this proved nothing except that i have cold air again. sorry .


From : beekeep

on sat 30 aug 2003 190439 gmt cindy jones wrote does anybody out there know where i can find a factory chrome wheel for a 1998 dodge ram and if so any idea what ill have to pay for it any information would be appreciated. cindy have you looked on ebay beekeep .

From : cindy jones

actually i tried ebay first and then my dad and i hit all the local salvage yards yesterday -- nobody has the chrome. theyve got the aluminum wheels if they have anything. at this point my only hope is that his friend at the dodge dealership will find one laying around the shop and he said its a possibility! but we wont know until tuesday. i see them on trucks all the time so im sure they have to be out there somewhere...its just a matter of finding the right somewhere. thanks for the info guys! .