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what up with towing capacity

From : ron mcneil

Q: did the dodge have the 4.10 diff too i just dont know about the chevy diesel. anything that is named duramax tends to hint toward it hiding something. it can very well be a good engine but it has not been proven yet. with the cummins and even the powerstroke they have been proven over and over as to their longevity. i have read in here that the duramax is a light duty diesel. so why doesnt chevy put it in the 1500 and then get a medium duty in the 2500hd and 3500hd... shoot they are labeled as heavy duty and the engine in them is light duty chevy has some explaining to do. why dont they have a diesel in the dakota i am sure there are a lot of people that like the power and fuel economy of the diesel but do not need a giant ram. i love the diesels but a ram is far too big for my application. i was looking for a good diesel. tried a dodge. wouldnt even move my horse trailer. come on its only 50 i said screw this so now im using a 95 f350 diesel with the 4.10 diff and it pulls with no trouble. if your not careful youll forget you have a trailer. i dunno whats up with the whole duramax thing. around where i live everyone has the ford or dodge diesel. on wed 30 jul 2003 211509 -0500 greg o wrote isnt it strange then that i see duramaxs everywhere i go. must be a real good truck if they are selling without any advertising my neighbor works as a mechanic at a gm dealership. i asked him how the duramax engines were holding up. above everyones expectations is what he said. he also added that for a first year out they are doing very well he is seeing very few in the shop compared to what they have sold. he has no reason to lie to me i am not in the market for one! the first year of any vehicle is usually a lemon to a point. apparently not the duramax. now time will tell on their longevity. greg .


From : jwlbal

every time ive had to replace the hub the u-joint was shot as well. from memory i thought that you didnt have a choice to take off the u-joint to replace the hub/bearing assy but im probably remembering wrong. -brian universal joint and short drive shaft. you will need to have the universal joint bearings popped out and replaced which requires a press. you dont need to touch the u-joint if all youre doing is replacing the hub. .

From : redneck tookover hell

is there anything else i can try are the threads opposite i did try both ways but more so counter clockwise. brian you mentioned something about cutting the castle nut off. forgive my ignorance but how can i cut it off no theyre standard right-hand threads counter-clockwise to loosen. soak it overnight with penetrating oil. if it still wont budge heat it with a torch even a propane torch will work - itll just take a few minutes to heat up. you dont have to worry about cooking the bearings since youre replacing them. at worst you can just remove the bearing with the axle still attached then take it to a local shop with a big impact gun. .