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warranty on bumpers

From : bubkat05

Q: hi all i have been reading this group pretty regularly since before i bought my dakota in oct.1998. the regulars have helped answer several questions for me in the past and i thank you. my truck is a 1999 dakota club cab sport plus 4x4 318 v8 auto 31x10.5 tires. factory ordered the way i wanted it. today i had it into the dealer for a regular oil change. the service rep. says the lower ball joints are bad and quotes $590 parts and labor for repair. he says the rear sway bar links are also bad $190 p&l. also reccomends a front end alignment. my truck only has 33000 miles on it. does this seem reasonable or are they jerking my chain is there an easy way to confirm their diagnosis are these prices reasonable i love the truck and plan on keeping it for quite some time so if this is neccesary ill have it done. but i will check another shop beforehand. any input appreciated. ps no i havent been pounding it off-road a lot thanks dave .


From : budd cochran

hi i am having a problem with my frieghtliner. i need to replace the oil pressure sensor. i ordered a new one and i am having problems locating the old one. i think it is the sensor located under the fuel filter housing a couple of inches above the oil pan. if any one could set me straight on this i would appreciate it. tia bob donnelly .

From : ken

you do know the tires delivered on the twankies are lower profile than the 17s right i believe the total height is within an inch or so. js i have an 03 ram 1500 club cab w/ hemi 3.92 rearend limited slip-20 wheels. the brochure stated that it was rated for 8900 lbs. the web site limits it to 7750. my brother has a gmc 1500 with the 5.3 engine. he is good for 8100 lbs. i thought dodge was best in class....what is the deal here 20 inch wheels dood your 3.92 rear end is now a 289 rear cant have looks and power. -- moparman----remove clothes to reply... scud coordinates latitude 32.61208 degrees north longitude 96.92995 degrees west depth 17.35 inches .