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turns over but won't start

From : bearone

Q: budd... i gotta ask you here... what about someone whos talking on a cellphone and accidentally hits and kills someone how many states have laws against cell phone usage while driving 1st degree murder there too why not if you know its against the law to talk on the cell while driving i and my brother both pull over to answer the cellphone because we neither want to take the risk. i mean - we all know the dangers of using a cellphone while driving. most states now prohibit it and can fine a driver caught doing so. there are many studies that claim using a cellphone causes just as much impairment to driving ability as a .08% bac. do we execute these people do we just the other day while riding with my brother a cell user pulled out in front of us blowing a stop sign yelling at someone on the phone. now look how much this topic has been in the media and tell me they had no chance to have ever heard the warnings. . . . how about the people who drive while exhausted have you ever looked at the laws directed at semi-truck drivers caught driving while exhausted i had a cdl for a while and co was strict . . ..on paper. however the law was often un-enforcible. ever been driving and fighting to stay awake yep and i even fell asleep at the wheel but i didnt hit anyone and it was also before my change in attitude about some vehicular laws. we all know about the dangers of driving and falling asleep... heck in my state its even illegal to do so dont ask me how this is enforced - its a relatively new experiment in socialization. me neither but how many un-enforcible laws are there now so - work a double shift doze off at the wheel cause an accident somebody dies... get thrown in the gas chamber lol all you guys keep switching the conditions . . . .all i was talking about was deliberately getting drunk and then driving. cant anyone stay on the subject besides me how are the above scenarios different than driving with an elevated bac a lot but no one sees it but me. im done discussing it. many of you alreadty consider me to be over the edge so its nothing new. budd .


From : sandyk3

just got back in from pushing four inches of wet shit. i gotta say im impressed with those goodrich revos i got last spring. this was one of those snows that was almost slush but the pavement frozen by the time ya backed up to take the next swipe. im sure those blizzaks are a better snow tire but these do damned good for a year -round tire. now off to find the perfect tree.. denny thats good to know. i havent bought anything yet but the revos are shorter money and you say they work ill have to look at them. serious question. how much weight do you have in back we have snow falling now should be a 4total. monday night they are talking about a big storm 6+. dont cut down your neighbors shrub.g roy ya know...400lbs of rabbit...that would feed a small country in africa for a week. ah steve that would be about 1 denny. bfg roy .