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From : billy

Q: how do i clear the codes is that something i can do without a scanner. i disconnected the batteries for a long period of time but codes are the same. no - you need an obd-ii scan tool to clear the codes. interesting that most if not all of the problems the codes refer to are components youve replaced. i think youll find that once you clear the codes out most will not return. did you check the wiring to the apps or check whether the apps module was damaged any its on the front drivers side of the engine underneath the black plastic cover rounded on the front. timing gears there are no timing gears per se. the crank gear drives the cam gear directly. are you sure these were aligned correctly what about the tone ring and crank position sensor the alignment of the sensor to the tone wheel is critical and if it got whacked in the wreck could be at least part of the cause of your rough running. .