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talked to Michelle (DODGE EWE)

From : markansas859

Q: thanks to all for the input on my problem. i have discovered that the truck had been run hot. i ran a quart of tranny fluid in it for about 30 miles to flush it. when i got into it there was some stuff on the pump screen and the oil filter weighed about twice what any other one that ive removed. under the valve covers was where all the heave stuff was about 1/2 thick and cooked on the inside the covers. i will be flushing it a couple more times to see what happens. anyone got any other ideas. thanks .


From : dodgeewe dodgeewe

tom lawrence wrote just be considerate of the 3 or 4 people still left on dialup and indicate in the subject line that pictures are attached. i think there is still 5 of us left. but hell im just thankful they even have phone service out where im at...... dial-up yuck! i guess that you dont surf the web much or have great patience. actually lol im going in the opposite direction. i have just set up a voice over ip connection for my phone and will be stopping my standard phone service this month. this should save me a fortune with most of my calls being long distance. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .

From : denny

miles wrote tbone wrote and the current administration is a master at that skill. no different than any other administration. theyre all politicians. so true so true. jam .

From : mac davis

turn. you really need to back off on the noise level and make up your mind. once again - ill explain it so you can understand. initially the way nate described it it sounded like the impact occurred at 30-35mph. when he clarified it became apparent that the speed of the vehicle was determined to be 30-35mph based on the skid marks meaning that the speed at impact was significantly slower as evidenced by the amount of damage done. .