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standard trans fluid for 3500?

From : iamgoode

Q: all i have a 1999 durango slt 4x4 with the 5.2l v8 and rear air. ive noticed that when the outside temp rises above 85 deg. or im sitting still at idle the ac is not effective at cooling. but if its above 85f and your at say....55mph its fine right then put in the are not getting enough airflow over the condensor. several technical service bulletins say to install the auxiliary cooling fan kit. the local dealer wants $538.00 for this fan kit!. i have fan motors that cost about 2x that....for a simple motor and whatnot.. another bulletin says to replace the expansion valve for the front and the back ac. only if its bad....a txv rarely gives a symtom like that.. can anyone help the fan kit worth the money tia .


From : redneck tookover hell

how long were you under water before the paramedics revived you maybe our on staff heckler will chime in with some rational... any wise words redneck chaos confusion and trouble!!!! my work here is almost done .

From : iamgoode

thanks john ill call my local petrol company. im confused why other nv3500s use 75-90 gear oil or motor oil but the 2k and newer recommend the special blend. maybe our on staff heckler will chime in with some rational... any wise words redneck rec.bicycles.marketplace .

From : john kunkel

im getting conflicting reports on what goes in the 2000 3500 transmission in the dakotas. can anyone tell me what the comercial equivilent is to dodges special blend 10$ per quart stuff $10 sounds kinda cheap i thought is was more like $20 a quart. the mopar transmission fluid is castrol syntorque not syn tech but it may harder to find under the castrol name than the mopar fluid. john .