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rust spot on door

From : al carrirere

Q: you are an individual; therefore you will be totally different than another guy with your name. that is how one should be distinguished not by a cattle tag. and of course youve already devised this method of individual identification and know how to implement it everywhere right oh - you mean youre just bitching about a problem that you dont have the first clue of how to solve how noble... .


From : tom lawrence

not exactly...... im sorry that the concept of freedom makes you fringe as it comes with much more responsibility. fringe thats the edge of a curtain. quit acting like he volunteered. doublespeak. a perfect description of your bullshit if any of it were true. having the government which has a monopoly on force handle something like highways started the chaos in the first place. paranoid delusional idiocy is what you have here. an individuals rational self-intersts can only be best hold by the individual himself not by the government. agreed but if you think im not in favor of keeping the idiots off the road with a simple system of licensing you are a jackass. i alone cannot impliment such a system so i allow the government to do so. in exchange for a $36 fee i keep some of the idiots off the road. he isnt talking about a pusher. you missed his point so badly you need to go back and read all over again. please budd has ended up trying to put words in my mouth. perhaps someone should since your brain has sadly failed at the task. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .

From : todd riegel

no prob. glad you got it out. budd guy lee wrote i did not remove the skid plate. it is located somewhat under the transmission i doesnt appear to be an issue. oh i forgot to tell you i have a 318 v8. this might just be a problem with how high im jacking the engine. i was concerned by how close it was to the firewall. i jacked it up more and voila the pan fell out. thanks for the help budd guy according to my chiltons manual you need to jack up the truck so the axle will drop down also. budd guy lee wrote im unsure of which model of transmisson i have. it is an automatic and i removed the shield adjacent to the oil pan. the pan hangs about 1/4 to 1/2 on the transmission. it doesnt seem to be caught on anything but the transmission. thanks guy guy which engine and trans do you have did you remove the dust shield lower cover from the bell housing budd guy lee wrote hello im having quite a problem removing my oil pan. i removed the bolts from the pan and the bars that are connected to the transmission. i also removed the starter and then jacked the engine per the haynes manual to about 3 off of the motor mounts. the pan is lowered on the crossmember and cant get the lip over the bottom of the transmission bell housing. im stumped here--should i need to remove the engine to get it to fall any help would be appreciated. guy .