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From : stormin mormon

Q: on 25 jan 2007 203559 -0800 yabahoobs wrote regardless electrical issues are pretty tough to deal with. probably best to take it to your local dodge dealership. or trade it. i know this sounds cruel but dodges can be a pill about thess kinds of problems sometimes. each brand has its quirks and dodge seems to have more than its fair sure of these kind when they get older sometimes. it will not be cheap to trouble shoot and repair at a dealer so hold on to your checkbook. where do i start you are such a asshole! there is no other way to say it. it is what it is. you just blow me away! as old as i am with the tons of people i know and work with you by far have to be one of if not the most stupid people i have come across. not ignorant friggin stupid! i suppose for one with such limited knowledge as you have shown in this and other groups/forums trading the truck would be the only thing left for you to do. surely youd never be able to fix it. ive one question no it is not about the v10. really be truthful are you able to feed yourself shut up rabbit. hey rabbit! when you and i get together in a few months maybe we can check out this fool. hes just down the road from ya. hell he should be easy to find. there has to be a huge sign in front of his house that says stupid lives here! ----------------- .