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question about factory cd player

From : chuck m

Q: on 3 jul 2003 070104 -0700 ron m. wrote the 4.7 is not meant to tow. no matter what the book says. it is more about the structure of the truck and bending the frame etc. the 4.7 is under rated to tow anything above 2000 lbs. i know a buddy just towed a 3500 lb boat and we were struggling. im sorry but this is baloney. ive towed my 3500 lb+ boat/trailer hundreds of miles with my 4.7 with no problems at all. its important that you have a good rear gear ratio and the trailer towing package is a great help as well. bending the frame oh please... r.m. agreed. if you followed this logic...imagine how much the frame would bend if you had a 1500 the same truck with a hemi. .


From : joe

mike simmons wrote in joe i think he if inquires with his insurance company they will help him with the windshield. comp coverage is just that comprehensive... even for stoopid stuff. indeed. thats how i went about replacing the windshield in the shoebox my wifes mpv. a few years ago i was cutting the grass on my tractor and a rock whanged the backlite of my wifes concorde shattering it to smithereens. i called my insurance company and they said yup i was covered even though the wound was self-inflicted. the next day the glass company was out and replaced the backlite and sent the bill to my insurance company. my one and only claim in 20+ years. to this day though whenever i vacuum out the trunk i am still cleaning up shards of glass. mike did you have a deductible for that one joe black 03 dakota 5.9 r/t cc calypso green 93 5.0 mustang lx hatch with a few goodies gold 96 mazda mpv shoebox .