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problem with heater

From : rrou812

Q: i have a single cab 2002 dodge ram and for some reason my heater will only blow cold air when im parked or driving slowly itll blow hot acceleration....i had the same problem with my air conditioner air got cold only with accleration and was told it was just a blown it possible its the same thing sounds more like a slipping serpentine belt to me. also for some reason my interior light will not turn on tried using the dimmer and opening both doors and nothing.. for that check the iod fuse in the fuse panel... the one with the plastic shroud around it. .


From : tom lawrence

its actually all about the torque. horsepower doesnt really do anything; just a mathmatical expression of torquerpm relationship. sigh i really do get tired of explaining this.... but oh what the hell... okay.... put a lug wrench on your wheels lug nut. stand on the wrench so youre tightening it. lotta torque youre applying to the lug nut right did it move hmmm.... thought it was all about the torque torque is the force exactly... its a force. just like you pushing on the side of your house. youre applying a force. the house isnt moving so youre accomplishing no work. that gets you moving spins your tires wins races tugs the 80k trailer etc. thats why a 250hp tractor trailer will do so much more than a 250hp rice burner. really i bet the 250hp ricer will whip up on that 250hp semi on a drag strip. why better power theres that hp thing again to weight ratio. to further illustrate that its not all about the torque... a formula 1 racecars engine makes about 900hp yet have a torque peak of somewhere around 270ft.lbs. a 4.7l v8 in a ram makes more torque than that. so lets put the 4.7l in the f1 car and itll go even faster right .