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ping - Gary G.

From : greg o

Q: needs engine - slant 6 or 318 will fit. driven daily for years died of a blown rod now parked for years. 140 k on the chassis fair tires and brakes good 3-speed trans. reasonably straight very little rust a few dings but mostly lower body damage and easy to fix. would be worth putting back on the road or a good parts rig. ill never get to it. pretty much everything is there and worked when last driven. the rig is virtually stock as is the box so you dont have to rip out a bunch of tacky remodeling - just do what you want. its good and musty from sitting outside but itll clean up. photo available. located in western wa. first $250 rolls this little classic away. cheers reply to .


From : gary glaenzer

on thu 10 jul 2003 162942 -0700 miles wrote dc didnt have anything to do with your problems. the dealers played their games they have for decades and they drew you in. you bought a truck you really didnt want. that is your fault. next time you want to buy a vehicle find a car broker. they typically work in offices offsite from a dealership but do work for them. their normal business is fleet sales but they can sell a single vehicle to anyone. they have a set markup fee above invoice usually $200-$400. they will find you the vehicle you want no matter where it may be. your right dc has nothing to do with this but they allow dealers like this to work for them. yes they work for dc and can lose their right to sell dc products anytime. the best local dealer had its license to sell dc cars about 3 years ago. the dealer is my only contact with dc and is what shapes my outlook of their products. with all the 2003 models all ready out at the dealers i had to choose from what was already made. the truck was what i wanted but just not with the tow package. both dealers and myself searched every dealer within 200 miles with no luck they would not travel farther. dc has brushed off all contact about this and in fact i have not heard anything from them since buying the truck. i have a friend who bought a ford truck and has received letters free product nothing big and contact from the dealer. the extra $500 trade-in was offered by both dealer and withdrawn on july 1st. remove spam for e-mail .