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From : eric schattschneider

Q: say denny you have never mentioned anything about your impression of roy. is it true hes about 5 foot 1inch and weighs about 110 pounds and sue is about 5 foot 10 inches and about 150 bg hey red!! did ya catch what ya favorite bulldozer driver pulled off after sundays race long story short. your manly man at 63 goes running over to buschs car leans in and sucker punchs him. keep in mind that all 120lbs. of busch is still strapped in behind the wheel. guess spencer figured since he couldnt beat him on the track hed beat him while he was at least in the car. when he was being an asshole in the modifieds if you crossed him youd have to take on his family and the pit crew. guess he figured he could handle a guy 1/2 his size himself if busch was out of the car it might have been a different story. oh im 510 210lbs. bfg right denny.............. roy .


From : mike simmons

jason i suspect the reason chryco doesnt offer a sunroof on these vehicles is that they feel that the demand does not warrant the additional cost to engineer one. i would strongly recommend against having an aftermarket sunroof installed on any vehicle! chryco service manager member sae is there anything inherently bad about a sunroof on a a truck that keeps dodge from offering a sunroof on dakota or ram is the result body flex or somehting that keeps the truck from truckin has anyone had a sunroof installed on their dakota or durango i would appreciate any feedback on this topic. thanks jason .

From : nosey

so how was anyone that doesnt cling to every word scrawled in crayon by the epa to know this if you didnt explain it but thank you for explaining. im sure the cummins will meet the requirements when needed until then it will remain the best of the three. budd bob peterson wrote budd cochran wrote bob peterson wrote the cummins in the dodge is a well-proven engine but of an eariler design generation. it isnt nearly as quiet as the powerstroke or duramax and doesnt meet the same pollution requirements as the other two. excuse me if it didnt meet the epa requirements then explain how come you can still get one where did i say current pollution requirements in particular i did not say the cummins fails to meet current epa pollution requirements. my comment refers to my understanding that both the powerstroke and duramax meet future epa requirements. budd bob -- bob peterson bbs dialup 972 403 9406 to 53333 v.34/x2/v.90 bbs telnet web .

From : mike simmons

i wouldnt sell my stock in cummins on your speculation bob my 70 challenger didnt meet 1975 epa regulations either or any other future epa regulations or standards but dodges are still being made arent they bob seems to me that most future epa standards or regulations are written in whiteout at this time or do you have a crystal ball anybody that says their current offerings meet future epa standard or regulations is just marketing bullshit bob where did i say current pollution requirements in particular i did not say the cummins fails to meet current epa pollution requirements. my comment refers to my understanding that both the powerstroke and duramax meet future epa requirements. .

From : mike simmons

im looking for people that have wear marks on the drivers and passengers seat backs from using the fold and tumble second row seats. over time a hole will develop. chrysler has told me this is not covered even though im using the seat as designed. my vehicle only has 5000 miles. the front seats internal supports are not padded and the second row seat when folded rubs the vinyl against the metal. i have not found any 02s or 01s with this problem so it looks like a seat design change in 03. ive even found 2 durangos on the showroom floor with this problem. ive called the chrysler customer care number but they say they can only note the problem and will not do anything to repair or prevent the problem from happening again. if you have this problem please let me know and call chrysler so to let them know this is a flaw with the design on the seat. .

From : gary glaenzer

please wait to replace it that way when your on your way home from your summer vacation you can have it towed to me and ill only charge you triple hi i have 1989 caravan with 130km on it i removed the top inspection cover to check the belts condition. no teeth missing no cracks and it looks very good. the manual says the belt should be change every 100km. can i wait for say 200km is this a difficult job and where can i get some details on how to do it thanks .

From : budd cochran

looking at the new 2003 ho cummins 2500 for hauling my slide in camper 2100lb what would be the best transmission for it does the 4 speed auto hold up if i decide on the hemi-engine i think the 5 speed auto is available is that the right choice for the 5.7l thanks soon to be broke the only automatic with the hemi is the 5 speed. mine works great and i pull a 11000 pound 5th wheeler. -- moparman----remove clothes to reply... scud coordinates latitude 32.61208 degrees north longitude 96.92995 degrees west depth 17.35 inches .