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normal 318 oil pressure

From : spamsucks

Q: my 97 2500 4 x 4 has leaked slightly since it was new. ive done nothing but top off with valvoline synpower fluid which is supposed to stop leaks. ive had to add fluid about 3-4 times in the seven years ive owned the truck. hi everyone i have a 98 dodge 4x4. the steering gear seems to be leaking at the bottom gear by i thing what i think is called the pitman arm. does it get it fluid from the power steering reservoir as i see there is two hoses comming from the power steering which attach to the unit does it only use power steering fluid does the unit have to be replaced or can it be repaired i also dont see where you can repack front wheel bearings on a 4x4. are they a sealed unit i heard they are called a hub type bearing. thanks for all the help! .


From : budd cochran

i recently dropped a newly rebuilt 318 in my 84 dodge pickup. the newengine has about 500 miles on it. i installed a set of mech. gauges. oil pressure cold/idle is 70lbs. after it warms up the pressure at idle is about 30lbs. at 15-20mph it returns to 60-70lbs. is this normal thanks- kristopher .