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mpg overhead computer

From : hp

Q: you can add a heated seat cushion with vvviiibbbrrraaatttiiinnnggg massage on your current truck for much less than the factory heated leather option. check out brookstone or similar stores. not that i know from any experience or anything..... -- ken sss advocate only thing that i can think of thats worse than heated leather seats is vibrating heated leather seats. no wonder all you old farts poke along the streets with a goofy grin on yer face. do ya all keep a tube of ky in the cupholders too vbg denny you folks have to excuse the friggin rabbit. although he knocks you not so manly folks that feel the need for leather heated leather at that. you should understand that it frustration that he does so. given that no seat maker offers a heated leather bench seat for a pick up and given that his furry wide ass is waaaayyyyy too wide to fit in a bucket seat he attacks those who have learned to stay the hell out of the refrigerator and can fit into and enjoy heated leather seats. ya know i had to read this twice. getting a little slow with comprehension nope. just couldnt believe the bs that youre spewing.. bg before realization set in that you seem to be talking from experience and are just trying to pass the fat ass off onto somebody else. for example1 if i had an atv i wouldnt need to install oversized tires and skid-plates that is undoubteedly because they cant build one for your fat ass. you in a jeep is like me on a atv. and the jeep wouldnt need oversized tires and additional skid plates for me to drive it down the road. now i understand. the atv is never on the road!! yep. most dots have axle weight limits for on-road vehicals.. or 2 my half ton gasser does everything i need it to do. i didnt need to get a 3/4 ton cummins to haul my ass around you cant hop yer furry wide ass up into a 3/4 ton. its not cant its dont want to. it gets to be a pain in the furry ass when i have to crawl in and out of it all the time. i guess it is tough on those short chubby legs. mostly its that old age thing creaping up on me.. denny roy .


From : mac davis

at your age you still get slapped if you do -- budd cochran warning!!! poster still believes that intelligence logic common sense courtesy and religious beliefs are still important in our society and might include them in his posts. heck i wont even touch it . . . . . maybe -- budd cochran at your age you gotta touch everything you can sneak up on... gbmfg denny .

From : denny

i got a dodge with power now im thinking or trading it for one that gets some mileage. was going to get a diesel then they raised the price of fuel another $ .50 cents a gallon. sooo no point in putting up with the associated problems in a deisel in the cold climate we have here in mn for higher priced fuel. well im thinking about a nissan titan to pull my 7800 lb tt with but have no idea what they get for pulling mileage. they say 14 to 18 mpg i suppose that is not pulling. my present dodge gets 8-8.5mpg pulling not pulling flat land mountains all the same- 8 mpg. there is much to do about chips for more power but are there any chips for more mileage i love that truck-- i hate the mileage it gets. sacrafice power for mileage in a heartbeat! any usefull advice appreicated flames ect. will be ignored thanks tom. buy the titan at your own peril... stay with the dodge. mike .