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mopar bb bellhousing and flywheel

From : fyrfly

Q: 97 dodge dakota ext cab. 4x4v8auto any ideas what is causing how to fix what appears to be rear end noise gets louder with speed but does not change pitch same loudness when coasting in neutral does not appear to be axle bearings or tires or brake shoe drag should i take off the rear end cover to investigate if so what do i look for thanks for your help. .


From : jessie herrera

hi it sounds like the spring or plastic assembly for your horn on the steering wheel is bad. take off your horn pad and replace the part. your horn will get worse if not addressed. parts like these go bad often and its annoying. any vibration will cause your horn to honk when these are bad. good luck. jessie moparman wrote recently every time i start my 2001 durango rt the horn honks one time. if i open the door with the engine running and then close it again the horn honks. when i shut the engine off and exit the vehicle the horn will honk either when i close the door or anywhere from 2 to 15 seconds later. i dont have a security system except what is built into the durango by default nothing optional. the dealer has no clue what could be causing this. anybody got any thoughts poltergeist!!! .