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looking for timing-mark indicator, 360V8

From : b yen

Q: here is some more data to ponder.... in my 03 3500 drw with the 6 sp manual ho my mileage changes considerably depending on the speed i choose to drive so i did a test on a flat piece of road for comparisons and here is what i get in 6th gear with the 410 rear end 30 mph = 38 mpg 40 mph = 27 mpg 50 mph = 23 mpg 60 mph = 19 mpg 70 mph = 15 mpg the point is the average speed makes a huge difference in mileage and even though you may think you are driving the same speed both directions any slight change of 1 or 2 mph can play a big part in your data. -tim sounds far-fetched. prevailing winds are a more likely factor. add the headwind to your groundspeed westbound subtract the tailwind eastbound and the difference is twice what the winds speed is. aerodynamic drag doesnt change linearly either it changes as the square of the change in velocity. driving west at 60mph into a 20mph wind gives 80mph airspeed going east gives 40mph airspeed so the westbound trip has 4x the drag. ive noticed better mileage coming back from albuquerque on one of my familys frequent trips there from dallas to visit my parents also. never thought about the potential energy angle interesting thought. it never occurred to me that the release of the potential energy of the vehicle would affect the mileage. one would shrug the idea off out of hand as too minimal to matter considering the rise over the run. i have noticed that this is true with varying wind directions however. its plain physics. if you add your vehicle speed to the earths rotation youll see that as you drive home time slows and your truck gets shorter. i always wondered why it fit in the garage at home but in nm it wouldnt. gets longer going there and shrinks back to size on the way back. what i cant understand is why traveling at the same speed and distance both ways it takes soooo much longer getting home. it must be the kids repeatedly asking are we home yet or some kind of time-space continuum issue centered around lubbock. now around roswell is a whole other matter........... not just roswell theyre *everywhere*. you know about the lubbock lights right i do know about the strip outside lubbock it had lights. it was heck living in a dry city! back to the mileage issue. there is one way to help increase mpgs on a trip. tell the wife not to bring 800lbs worth of clothes. i swear mine empties the entire closet and takes it on the trip. that should up the mileage a bit. .