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Q: adam root@localhost wrote neil good insights and maybe i am just being a whiny bitch. to address a couple points more a matter of understanding where the oems obligations stop and yours begin. that was pretty much spelled out in your warranty literature. and while there have always been exceptions and special policies wrt warranty coverage that is the way it has always been since the first warranty was offered. i could be wrong but it seems to me that dealers would be required to buy mopar parts. i suppose it could be up to their discretion. im in and out of dealerships on a regular basis plus my years as a dealership mechanic once out of warranty the parts department should they so choose is free to market aftermarket parts from other vendors i see napa and carquest boxes being delivered to all the dealerships i visit. often times they do not do so because of cost availability profit margins and whatever hoops they may have to jump thru if there is a warranty issue. each dealership usually sets there own policy wrt parts procurement. as for the truck customizing shop i believe the warranty is 100000 miles. i will of course check on that before i ask them to do any work. they also warranty their labor for lifetime. in other words if it fails because they screwed up at any time theyll fix it on their nickel. obviously enough mileage was put on your vehicle between the last gasket replacement and the current failure to totally rule out that it was a labor defect. things like running boards tube steps bed liners/caps tonneau covers are easy to warranty for extended periods. do i offer a lifetime warranty on what i do yes. i occasionally build computers for people i know and if they fail i am on-site asap working on it until the problem is fixed. no charge for labor. though my computer-building and network-setup services are offered as a favor i do charge money for them! i also record music; music recordings of course dont really require a warranty. if the product were to be phsyically damaged the cd scratched to the point of playback interruption for example i would probably charge for the new media abuse but not for a re-burn. lets take the whole computer industry into account here. no computer company that i am aware of offers anything remotely resembling the warranty offered by any vehicle manufacturer even though laptops and desktops arent required to roll down the road at 75 mph. as for you and the computers you build in particular it appears that you occasionally build computers for pay. i think under those conditions economy of scale has to be considered or else you build the abrahms tank version of computers that sell at a much higher premium and are considerably more bullet proof than what is usually commercially available. im not aware of ways to abuse a gasket; however if there are ways to increase gasket longevity please let me know! im about to drop $500 on a new one. if the vehicle has a manual transmission downshifting can and will create high enough manifold vacuum to invite repeat intake gasket failure. any tune-up irregularities which may manifest as back-firing or cross-firing in the ignition system can promote repeat intake gasket failures. this is partly why i find the situation frustrating. i do take pride in my work and i will do whatever it takes to make it right if theres even the slightest chance it was my fault. when others cant seem to do the same its upsetting. but it doesnt sound as if the original work performed was defective. how many miles were put on the truck between the last gasket failure and the current gasket failure if the mechanic did a bad job installing the gaskets it would have shown up very quickly. the 97 lincoln mark 8 has hid headlamps. for that model year though they offered two setups an integrated unit with both the lamp and the ballst; and a setup with separate ballast. the integrated unit is $850 just the hid lamp is $250. well when the car in question had a failed headlamp it turned out to have one of the $850 units. these are no longer offered. the ford dealer quoted $1000 to convert and replace the headlamps. but they called ford who agreed to pay for the repair except for $250 for the cost of the lamp. youre talking ford motor companies flagship vehicle. gm does similar so did chrysler with the maseratti tc sold in the late 80s/early 90s and the front wheel drive imperials when they came back in 1990 as for no worse than mopar thats exactly it. mopars 1/12k warranty is lean compared with stuff like napa gold-line parts 5/100k warranty. but napa doesnt have gold line coverage on every part available. if i bought the best napa gaskets for you trucks intake theyd have the same coverage youd get from mopar. as a point of interest im on my fourth fan clutch as well. the last one failed after 14000 miles. chrys