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From : tom

Q: i have a 92 dakota with the 5.2 v-8 engine. for some reason the air conditioning goes off when accelerating. let your foot back out of it and the air comes back on. when this problem occurs i can hear a valve or something opening and shutting. im not sure if this is a vacuum operated valve or just what the problem is. any ideas carl .


From : benjamin taylor

$2950 squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek denny heres one youll like. went into work at midnight last night after being on vacation for 2 weeks. everything quite until 3am when one of these super putor controlled locos goes on its ass. end result need a couple of boards. do we have any nope. any spare locos nope. okay lets hook two trains together one being the one that has a junk putor cancel the next to last train and load them with passengers on the last trains schedule. that way everybody will get to boston although some are a little late. after the fact my phone starts to ring ya shoulda coulda why didnt ya finally said fuck this! what jobs have been posted while i was on vacation ah a day job with sat sun off so i exercised my seniority and tue at 8am im on days in a rail yard in boston. let the monday morning qbs come out at 3am and make some decisions. first time in years ive worked days. time will tell if it will work out. roy hope to hell things work out for you. if your change works out as well as my job change did it would be great. you still going to be doing the same thing sometimes there are advantages to a job shift.. denny .

From : thats me

hi 1990 d150 a/t 5.2l anyone have a source for a speedometer or a recomended repairer speedo worked on mine but odometer did not. i have gone through the local salvage yards seven units all have same problem thank goodness they have a return policy. ham-handed son not watching what he was doing broke needle off original speedo while i was removing number seven of the salvage yard tries. put number seven back in as a temp measure. i need to get this truck in shape to sell its only got 80k actual miles but has sat ungaraged for the last year and is rough. now driving 2003 1500 qc sb 5.7l at 3.92 third member tow package. have a nice day. remove nopants to reply by direct e-mail; support the right to privacy and anti-spam projects. .