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gas gauge

From : dragan

Q: i have a 96 2500 v-10 with about 106000 miles. the gas gauge when it gets to about a 1/2 tank will start dropping down until it says empty. the first time it happened i stopped and got out to check if i had a leak in the tank. the only way i know that it isnt empty is the gas warning light doent come on. any help .


From : tom lawrence

if dodge wont fix it wich i doubt i would recomend finding a frame shop to do the repair. they will probably grind a v-notch where the crack is and weld it. then place an overlay plate over the top and weld it on. if it cracked once it will more than likely do it again if not fixed correctly. gary carter i had my truck 93 dakota 5.2l 2wd 187k miles in the shop today midas to check out some front end noise. they said they found a crack in the frame. they said it was cracked all the way through but the frame isnt bent. i was wondering 1 anyone know the ballpark cost that this could cost me 2 is a cracked frame a fixbable problem if i get it fixed will i have recurring problems from it i plan on taking it to a body shop next week but i was just wondering if anyone here had any ideas. thanks dave .

From : carolina watercraft works

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