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fuse no 5 on hemi

From : matt kinsinger

Q: ok 97 ram pressure ranges from 30 - 45 with the clutch cycles the clutch kicks on for about 3-4 seconds then off for 3-4 seconds pressure goes from 30 up to 45 when compressor stops and then back down on when the clutch kicks on the line going from the firewall to the condenser gets condensation and frost on it. the line going from the firewall to the accumulatoris that right does not get cold at all. the accumulator is actually kind of warm. is that typical my own belief is that it is low on refrigerant. does this sound right .


From : jacob suter

smoke and mirrors. joe on wed 16 jul 2003 032430 gmt steve wrote not to be arguementative but on one of the hot rod shows on tnn last weekend they dynoed a 2001 ss camaro at 290hp at the rear wheels. then they drained the rear axle fluid the transmission fluid it was a 6-speed manual and the engine oil and replaced all of these fluids with the appropriate royal purple synthetic fluid. the result was an 11hp gain at the rear wheels on the same dyno. so i guess it would depend on what synthetic oil you buy. some of my friends swear by synthetic. -- steve - 03 ram 1500 qc 4x4. thats the question... what do you think will my engine live longer or run better with synthetic i .

From : madigan

you can clean the combustion chamber by injecting transmission fluid into the pcv valve; metered just enough to keep it from stalling at fast idle. plan on putting in fresh plugs after the treatment. i dont know if it will solve your problem. also go back to stock plugs if any of the newer miracle plugs have been used. hotter heat ranges may cause detonation. try going to a lower heat range plug if you suspect the misfire is caused by pre-detonation due to too hot of a plug for the current state of air to fuel ratio. neil nelson wrote i think the obd2 3.0 liter mitsubishis are susceptible to carbon caked intake valves causing missfire codes. it might be worthwhile to have the intake removed and the valves and runners walnut shell blasted like iirc was necessary on some of the european imports bmw a few years ago. thanks for the response. i have heard that this was a problem from others. is there any possibility that some additive might fix this problem without removing the intake manifold again. i am surprised that the dealer did not mention this option. i guess they thought we needed a new engine sigh. regards ed white .

From : madigan

tom thanks i will check it out. neal on thu 17 jul 2003 023234 gmt tom lawrence wrote thought i would jump into this with my question. i have a 97 1/2 ton 4x4 with 5.9 and overdrive auto. i looked on the mopar performance web site for a performance computer and didnt see one. did i just miss it or did they skip this year for some reason theyve discontinued many of the 4x4 performance computers for some reason. check with these guys - they can get em http// .