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From : saberc

Q: but there is a big difference between proper maintenance and paranoia. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving like that old sane goes if it aint broke dont fix it. how about if it aint broke keep maintaining it properly budd is correct. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .


From : paul jensen

i typically have the cruise control set at 80mph why .

From : markjerry

on fri 06 feb 2004 183545 gmt roy wrote i use mine with a 3pt hitch 72 mower 48 rototiller and a front mounted 48 snowblower i thought it was illegal in canada to talk us inches how many metrics is that g according to your girlfriend not many.bfg roy o*u*c*h*! good shot bro... mac .

From : yonzie

from tbone date 1/31/2004 1101 pm central standard time check those serial numbers and make sure that they all match. hi all all is done insured inspected titled and licensed its a great truck. as much as i hate to admit it its much better than my current 96. i do prefer the earlier dash though it seemed to have more room for accessories. maybe itll restrain me a bit ;- nah the gearvendors is being pulled out of the 96 now the new one needs it worse with its 4.10 gears. if i had ordered the truck in 2001 its exactly what i would have ordered with the exception of the mirrors and i have plans to fix that now. ill mate the 2003/04 towing mirrors to the earlier tow mirror bases and have powered and heated towing mirrors something that wasnt available in 2001. below youll find my vin check information. i dont recall for sure if we discussed financing in here or not. i did talk to my bank bank of america they do not finance ebay vehicles while it was listed on ebay i did not bid on it i missed it e-mailed the seller in case the high bidder defaulted and he did. i just wanted to warn anyone thinking of buying on ebay to have their financing arranged in advance. i loaned myself the money the rate and terms were much better anyway ;- thanks to all robert vip summary information body style be8l34 build date august 22 2000 hour 17 book r carline t color 1 pw7 - bright white clear coat color 2 qw7 - bright white clear coat engine eth - engine- 5.9l ho cummins turbo diesel transmission dee - transmission - 6-speed hd manual sale type 1 - direct retail last odometer 7863 miles on july 26 2001 warning message 1 owners last name was not entered. 2 current odometer 000999 lower than the last odometer 007863. 3 this vin has at least one open recall vehicle restriction no vehicle restriction service history no service history available warranty coverage summary type of warranty original deductible expiration remaining basic 36 month or 36000 miles 0 october 7 2003 expired time powertrain 36 month or 36000 miles 0 october 7 2003 expired time perforation 60 month or 100000 miles 0 october 7 2005 20 month or 99001 miles emissions 60 month or 50000 miles 0 october 7 2005 20 month or 49001 miles adjustment 36 month or 36000 miles 0 october 7 2003 expired time air conditioning 36 month or 36000 miles 0 october 7 2003 expired time diesel engine 60 month or 100000 miles 0 basic coverage refer to specific lops extended federal emissions 60 month or 50000 miles 0 basic coverage refer to specific lops -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ 1 refer to specific lops for additional coverage and limits -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ in service odometer 11 miles roadside assistance yes towing assistance n/a master shield n/a transferable-service contract no transferable-powertrain warranty no current vehicle transfer information warranty coverage code model year basic coverage powertrain deductible rust protection 300 1995-96 3/36 3/36* 0 7/100 300 1997-98 3/36 3/36* 0 5/100 ---------------------------------------------------------------- no transfer is necessary. inform chrysler of subsequent owners name/address by using d.i.a.l function 75. no transfer fee will will be charged to your dealership. *note diesel eng. only covered for 5/100. balance of p/t components are 3/36. this vehicle *not* eligible for service contract transfer service contracts no service contracts available part to lop cross reference plx no plx available lop coverage no lop coverage available recall information incomplete recall recall number description launch date repair date b04 power distribution center cable connecti may 17 2002 complete recall recall number description launch date repair date 957 owners manual addendum november 6 2000 december 18 2000 982 clockspring june 11 2001 july 26 2001 owner information name preferred name address city portland state/province or postal code country usa language preference english telephone-home fax business original owner selling dealer information name 43231 ron tonkin dodge inc zone 71 address 19300 mcloughlin blvd city gladstone state/province or postal code 970272690 country usa telephone 503657-1910 open cair summary no open cair information available vehicle option standard option code description adjs heavy duty service group apas monotone paint bazs alternator - 136 amp bcqs battery - 750 amp maintenance free brts brakes - anti-lock 4-wheel disc cgds shoulder belts - front height adjust cgws air bags - front next generatio

From : dick

look in the truck manual it will tell you how heavy a trailer you can pull depending how the truck is equiped. anywhere from 2000 to 6000+ if you dont over load the truck with passangers and cargo. can sombody explain how the gvw works my dakota says gvw 5765 lb on the door sticker and me and the truck are 4800 and change. does this meen my total capicty with truck and any trailer can only be 5765 lb. i hope someboy can help me i am looking at buying a travel trailer to tow behind the truck kevin campbell .

From : chris deault

he also said that he didnt give a shit about the regulations he just wanted what he wanted. it is assholes like him that make it harder for the rest of us to do anything at all. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving he didnt say he wanted the brightest he said the bluest. this is obviously a groupy. why do you want to be the brightest thing on the road and possibly cause accidents by others. the laws are set to protect everyone. in your post your saying that you dont care about the law what so ever. i know the correct size for an 01 ram is a 9007 bulb but does anyone know if a 9006 will work at all i wanna get a set of piaa spark blue bulbs and only see them available in 9005 9006 and the hx sizes not 9007. on a side note i was having difficulty finding an 893 fog light to fit my lamp housing so i got an 894 and its been working great for quite some time now was just wondering if i would have the same luck with a headlight beam. second question is anyone out there know what the bluest light you can get for a dodge ram is and where can i get it = i dont really care about it being dot approved cops arnt too anal around here just so long as its not too blue. ive ordered i believe 5 different sets of these xenon bulbs of varying brands and most of them are just barely blue most would be classified as platinum white. the hanabi 4300k ones i got in there right now are alright but id like to have some slick looking blue ones. and anyone out there readying a reply about how blue tinted bulbs rob you of light by blocking light or whatever save your typing i dont care about performance i just want a blue light heh = -----= posted via uncensored usenet =----- http// - the #1 group service in the world! -----== over 100000 groups - 19 different servers! =----- .

From : redneck tookover hell

i suggest immediate castration. yup long gone. would have liked to have kept it but i spent more time plowing around it than i did driving it. sue is pissed her and 3 of her girlfriends were going to take it to montreal next week for a vacation. they can take the tahoe instead no tv or dvd but ..... roy .