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fire order

From : lilp81

Q: what is the fire order for a 1988 dodge 4x4 with a 318 engine. and what is the order the plugs hook into the cap 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 the distributor rotates clockwise and #1 should be marked on the cap. .


From : ghingus

i always stop and put the transmission in neutral before switching to 4-low. are you shifting it under power -rev .

From : mac davis

or theyre mocking people who would suggest to southerners that they shouldnt love wallace. boo boo boo isnt much of a criticism. the rest of the lyrics state that the governers true and that montgomerys got the answer without any booing so it sure sounds like a pro-wallace song to me. honestly none of these guys were from alabama. most of the band was from jacksonville fl and ed was from california. he now lives in tn. they didnt vote for wallace but im sure they followed him. back in 74 wallace gave them all plaques declairing them honorary members of the alabama state militia. ed still has his. right. those lines about loving the governor and watergate are meant to suggest that hey at least wallace isnt nixon. its an extremely weak tu quoque to be sure - they compare supporting a guy who turned out to be a crook to supporting a guy who ran to maintain racial segregation. nooo theyre saying watergate was a thousand miles away and they arent worried about it. you know of course wallace changed his views on segregation and won with black votes later on. read up on that its kinda crazy. except the racists who think its anti-racist - are there any - and the anti-racists who think its racist. i dont guess there are many because it seems everyone in the us has purchased a copy and not too many people think its a bad song. they were just musicians not politicians. ed king is very proud of that song. ive had to opportunity to sit down and jam with him on that song. he taught me parts that even gary rossington doesnt know! .

From : tom lawrence

i have never changed a cluctch on a dodge but i have on a ford. if you leave the transfer case bolted to the transmission the transmission becomes very hard to handle. this is especially true when trying to line up the input shaft of the tranny throgh the throw out and pilot bearings. the weight of the transfer case make it hard to keep the coupled pair hard to keep level and horizontal. it was very easy to r&r the transfer case. have you ever replaced a clutch before john many times. i have a 4 post lift and a lot of time. was just trying to get some idea what i was looking at. may rent a transmission jack and just have a go at it thanks to everyone that responded. the bearing first showed signs of a problem around two years ago. was noisy when i first started the truck then it shut up. now its really loud. im afraid it will lock up and really start damaging things. the clutch is fine but ill at least change the disk while im in there. cant help thinking the hydraulic clutch mechanism has something to do with this. al .