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fan on 92 dakota 318

From : gomer2

Q: how the heck do you remove it with your hands normally. .


From : ggil

did you check the condition of the starter feed wire -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving i have a 95 dodge dakota that wont start with the turn of the key i have replaced the starter and can hear the relay clicking when i turn key but get nothing else. any thoughts on what the problem maybe .

From : tom r

i got the big dodge set up for work now. http// -- nathan w. collier http// http// http// http// .

From : larry crites

j. dan jones wrote last time i replaced the brakes/rotors i noticed chips of ceramic falling out from the pistons on the front brake calipers of 99 4x4 durango. can they be rebuilt or should i replace the whole caliper. im getting ready to do another pad/rotor replacement and figured this would be the time. where would the best value to get parts or replacements. rebuilding calipers just isnt worth the effort any more. a rebuild kit cost almost as much as a caliper. i dont bother. -- ..bob 1997 hd fxdwg - turbocharged! 2001 dodge dakota qc 5.9/4x4/3.92 1966 mustang coupe - daily driver 1965 ffr cobra - finally on the road! .

From : cbhvac

pretty sure these pistons are ceramic or maybe they have ceramic followers behind the pistons that absorb the heat from the pads. dont know mopars though. all i know about durangos is they have weak front end components mine has been completely rebuilt coming up on 90000 miles. all highway and local urban grocery trips. ill probably get the loaded ones although i believe the raybestos pads have a lifetime warrantee which appears to be about 35000 miles. china rotors are only $19 so they are a disposable item. thanks. jdj out from the pistons on the front brake calipers of 99 4x4 durango. can they be rebuilt or should i replace the whole caliper. they can but its often easier quicker and even cheaper to just buy a set of remanufactured calipers these have already been rebuilt. they should run about $30 a piece and there will be a core charge for you to return your old calipers. you can often save a little more by buying loaded calipers - meaning they also come with pads. as far as where to purchase any auto parts store will do. but - that aside... brake pad material falling out from the pistons isnt a reason to replace the caliper. the piston is steel and its hollow - it will collect brake material as the pads wear. the only reason to replace a caliper is if its leaking around the seals or if its sticking and causing brake drag. .