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Q: i just repositioned the center belt end and keep it connected when im not actually wearing the belt. it sits right there next to the female end just in case i happen upon a law enforcement official. -- laszlo almasi carolina watercraft works inc. in the battle between money and love money will always triumph i may have to change my signature......on second thought i was right the first time. re5 ram i drive 8 blocks to work i am the only vehicle out in this town at the time i always wear my seat belt except this 20 mph drive to work. any ideas on how to quiet or stop the irritating dinger without a seatbelt end .


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i replaced my oem manual mirrors no heat no lights with the dodge oem towing mirrors and i have no more need for the original mirrors. they are used but in perfect condition. i am pretty sure from surfing the net that they fit 98-01 dodge ram trucks. you should check to be sure. my truck is 01 2500 quad cab turbo diesel. i can send photos if desired and i can ship by ups ground. $35 each $50 for both plus shipping. i am in golden co. charles .

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i have tried all the things listed here and still have not solved the problem. things done so far 1 changed differential speed sensor 2 checked for shorts 3 checked for error code from the abs control module 4 changed voltage regualtor 5 bled the brakes again 6 replaced battery 7 checked alternator output at battery i would like to add some new info i have noticed. the static from the radio disappears and all the gauges read fine while vehicle is sitting still just idling or if im stopped with the brake and clutch depressed. i have noticed that the lights dim intermittently now as well especially if it is cold weather. i checked the alternator output and it appears to be charging the battery however i do wonder if perhaps the alternator is somehow causing this. there are 2 posts on my alternator that have wires running to the voltage regulator. one of these posts while running produces 14.8 volts the other wildly flucuates. is this normal thanks brent mcconnell .