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door chimes on 2500 03 qc

From : suzy

Q: well....its sure obvious that schools out...the kiddies are out in force.. roy...0 steve-2 lol! where does your isp make the person. heck i have been on these groups since before aol and comcast and when you were still in diapers. on sat 19 jul 2003 152437 gmt budd cochran wrote aol kicked them off maybe budd cbhvac wrote a fleet of fords...funny for a guy that has family with chrysler.. actually i find it to the point of laughter with tears that you posted this drivel in a dodge group. no one cares here what you do..what you spend your money on...or what you think of the product. while there are some that will try to make you feel all warm and fuzy about your post the majorty will not.. jesus..why are all the fucking morons from comcast you must be crying because you bought a dodge.... on sat 19 jul 2003 090741 -0700 cbhvac wrote wah... see the tear customer service counts and daimlerchrysler and its dealerships fail at that. my wife next car will not be a daimlerchrysler product. as much as i like my 03 dakota i will not spend another cent on daimlerchrysler. steve remove spam for e-mail remove spam for e-mail remove spam for e-mail .