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diesel smoke question

From : gary beckwith

Q: hey all just got the 2500 quad hemi. any suggestions on what to throw on it for improved gas mileage and hp yes always drive downhill. .


From : yofuri

yeah its normal. i have 2003 1500 ram 4x2. it does the same will scare the hell out of ya at times. i put 32 psi in my rear tires maybe 34. it helps a little. i have a 2002 ram 1500 4x4 with 20 wheels. being new to trucks and not very familiar with their handling i have a question hopefully someone can answer. whenever i drive over railroad crossings and roadway expansion joints 25mph the rear of the truck bounces and is very annoying. i was wondering if this is normal or not and what modifications can i make to reduce this effect. thanks for responses in advance. rich k. .