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diesel injection

From : nathan w collier

Q: 97 ram kingcab....passenger side flooring is wet. i have checked and rechecked cant find a drip anywhere. have sprayed a high pressure hose at it in the rear window and both passenger side windows with no visible leaks. pulled the center upper brake light and sealed it with rtv silicone. rained again yesterday and carpets on passenger side are damp again this morning. it does have a sliding rear window that when you spray a hose directly at the center seam it leaks a little but the water does not appear to be going toward the passenger side. is it possible the water is coming in from underneath it is not an ac drain leak because the carpeting is dry up under the dash and the ac drain drips outside just fine so it is not clogged. i am thinking of having the rear window replaced or at least re-sealed. any one have any other suggestions m .


From : fmb

although the host is closer to forest gump than carrol shelby here is a handy video on how the injection system of a 24 valve dodge cummins diesel works other diesels similar in theory. the video is ripped using the latest windows media player codecs. if you dont get video or if it fails for whatever reason update your codecs by opening your windows media player and clicking help and then check for updates updates are free. i recommend you right click and save as instead of attempting to stream. http// link will be dead tomorrow morning. -- nathan w. collier 03 jeep rubicon jeep and let jeep http// .