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cracked dash

From : leon corley

Q: no not actually. he finished behind earnhardt the last year they were in busch. earnhardt won the championship kenseth was second. you are correct. i meant in winston cup. as i recall earnhardt beat him two years in bush but since they moved to cup together it has been all kenseth! .


From : roy

transurgeon you are a complete idiot! why are you dividing percentages 3% -2%=1% simple would have to know the ratio of dirt particles at that specific size to have any type of understanding of what is happening....maybe in my city we dont have any dirt particles at that size to pass within the 1% ratio maybe the earth is just bacteria in some puddle of mud in some other world.....oh my god!!!!!i just blew your brain thinking that schmuck!!!! -- message posted via http// .

From : nosey

it really doesnt matter because 1% is 1%. any way you look at it. also it depends on your driving environment. as a filter begins to soil it filters better than when it is clean. so say someone who lives in los angelos will have made up the 1% difference within a day compared to someone in denver co. actually who cares better performance and the small dirt particle that will pass at 1% will have virtually no effect on your engine as long as you change your oil regularly...wake up people.....common sense....and common math...3%-2%=1% robb -- message posted via http// .

From : Annonymous

i had a ford 1990 f-150 4x4 had it for 10 years. a year and a half ago i bought a used 1999 dodge ram 1500 4x4 318 supercab. its a great looking truck. no problems in that area. but having driven it for 18 months i just dont feel as satisfied as i did in my old ford. while driving the steering wheel just seems to be knocking as if someone is tapping it down near the engine. feels unsafe. my trust in the transmission is going down. when i first got it it shifted what seemed like every 10 seconds. i got used to that. now while i cant really come up with the best description of what the transmission is doing now it just seems to be confused as to what it should do and that results in it having no power when i first take off. the power seems to be at 50% it seems to skip and miss and hesitate and just not be working correctly. i told you i couldnt describe it... and after all that it is a much more bumpy ride. every little dip or bump in the road sends me flying around. a friend has a similar truck and he said the same thing very bumpy almost too stiff. all these little things add together to make me feel uneasy about the overall reliability and longevity of this truck. not too mention the gas mileage. gee i guess i need to ask myself why the hell did you buy it i just didnt notice most of these things on my test drive. i think i want my old truck back. .

From : redneck tookover hell

my girlfriend just got a new 99 ram 1500. she hasnt had it 3 weeks and the dash has cracked from the passenger side defroster vent to the little depression above the air bag. so i have a couple of questions for the group. where do i go to get a new dash at a rational price what do i do to prevent the new dash from cracking thanks in advance for any advice. leon corley .

From : nosey

push it off a cliff or cut away all the exterior sheetmetal to lighten up the truck what is the single most thing you can add to a truck to give it peak performance other than nitrous .

From : hattmakr redneck tookover hell writes push it off a cliff or cut away all the exterior sheetmetal to lighten up the truck what is the single most thing you can add to a truck to give it peak performance other than nitrous thatll work wonders for it red but might i also tell him my favorite...knock out the windshield and back glass for less resistance and git rid of them brakes. they aint nothing but added weight that one dont need when trying for mo power. and take that k$n you might be thinking of using and duck tape it to the front bumper for use as a deer whistle since you knocked out the windshield. kinda hard to see the speedo if a deer lands in yo lap. aw .

From : mac davis

craig christian wrote what does it take to do research on this government and private sector focus. that takes money ... more money than baby bush has thrown at it and probably more than kerry will throw at it as well. but with kerry i believe that there will be more attention on alternative energy. its a defining part of the democratic party. not to say that republicans cant or wont ... im saying that this president baby bush lacks the desire to focus anymore than he has in the last 4 years. that is just plain wrong. how much money did clinton throw at it for 8 years where does all this money you speak of come from right now the technology does not exist. sure there are hybrids and electrics. they do not meet the publics needs. it is the lack of the publics willingness to invest into these technologies that limits its growth. the gov. can only put a dent in it financially. until the public sees something that might meet its needs the money will not be there and our gov. cant raise taxes high enough to offset the lack of public investing. my taxes are high enough. i do think that many social programs can and should be cut. when it comes to social programs i lean more to the right. for example ... no more faith-based initiatives. period. no federal funding to third world countries. straight sales tax or flat tax with no exceptions etc ... then why vote for kerry he has no desire to cut any social programs to help fund alternative fuel research. its not okay. i never said it was. i would prefer not to drill here at all. now ... what point did i miss if you want oil you have to drill somewhere. right now its overseas and that costs us. alternative fuels is fine but its decades off to put a major dent in oil use. that means we need to drill now for the short term. i think i have had the picture all along. we purchase the oil from the middle east and other pockets of the earth venezuala as we have been while funding r&d for alternative fuels that will eventually decrease our dependence. we need to get off dependence sooner than your plan allows. again i ask where do these r&d funds come from it takes far more than taxes could possibly afford. why do you have the mindset that we must drill here because anywhere else causes dependency. agreed ... when it comes to oil however ... most of the crap research out there is written by or funded by the oil companies. talk about bias ... oil companies do alot of research into alternative power. they know thats where the future is and they cant stop it. it is in their own best interest to survive and that means moving towards other fuels. .

From : b peg

aha a nimby in the making . . .not in my back yard ; i dont think thats a label that fits. i think we should come up with an alternative to drilling alaska. have you ever been there have you been to the location that bush/cheney have suggested that we start drilling i have ... and it should be a crime to destroy it. what alternative where theres a nimby bunch everywhere that can justify why drilling expansion timber cutting ad nauseum should not be done somewhere. somewhere is always someones backyard. i realize that english must be a second language to you but i believe that he meant another source of energy. just a few years back there was a bunch protesting exploratiory drilling near my current home moab ut and they picketed wearing polyester clothes yakking on cell phones in their nike crodss-trainers and making kids too young to understand what it was all about carry picket signs. yea thats what it was all about carrying picket signs. you want to see beauty canon city co and its environs moab ut and its arches south central indiana and the hardwood forests in the fall a sunset on tin can beach in so cal. . . .ya wanna talk beauty ive seen it. and yet you could give a rats ass about it. the fact that your grandchildren possibly never will means nothing huh budd. as long as you get to stay ignorant. sorry craig but your completely deceived. first theres enough oil under the north shore alone to supply us needs completely for 5000 years hahahahahahahahahaha where do you get this shit. i am summerizing from a book i read about alaska 2 years ago. i would be interested in knowing where your figures come from. perhaps mine are in error. and who wrote the book environmentalists think of it like this if there was as little oil as your book claimed then trucking the crude would have been a cheaper option than building that huge pipeline. not really since it would cost more to truck it then they would make refining it if they transported it that way. secondly our civilization is too dependent on it to ever give up oil and third read my reply to jeff and think about how many oil based products you use yourself then multiply that by 3/4 of the world population. i understand what you are saying and i realize that a sudden switch off of oil is unrealistic. but we can move the process along faster than we have. bush made some progress but he could have done better. there are a couple of reasons why he didnt 1 his major contributors are oil companies 2 he comes from the oil mentality himself and 3 i dont think he really gives a shit about the environment. his record proves that. and your info has a definite liberal bias. kerry is getting his monies fron the heinz family. thats better than an oil source not to me. of course not you are a right wing puppet. the difference is that heinz is family owned while bush and his cabinet are big oil owned but i bet that you dont see the difference. of course im guessing here but suspect that many many thousands of jobs could be created at every level r&d manfacturing sales if more time money and energy was focused on viable alternative energy. first a viable energy source needs to be developed discovered invented or currently nothing can do the job like oil. you need to remember that most of the sources being touted today were replaced by oil not too long ago. bullshit. which one was replaced by oil as long as oil is cheap there will be no profit or desire to develop viable sources of energy and as long as the big oil companies have money they will do everything in there power to make it stay that way. not trying to push any hot buttons here but if we spent 120 billion on alternative energy instead kicking iraqs ass wed be a lot closer to a solution that would in the end solve the issue in iraq. if clinton had put that surplus during his administration toward the national debt it wouldnt be as large today as it is. but in reality there was no surplus. lol there was a balanced budget and a surplus that was being used to pay down the national dept. bush changed that big time. as for myself i sleep better knowing saddam is no longer in power. now if we could catch the leasders of the al queda . . . which should have been done first since they are the ones that killed so many of us. it will be drilled someday even if its your kids that beg for it. well now that depends on who we elect and what alternatives we as a country come up with now doesnt it only in dreams only in dreams. im from the generation that began the whole environmental stuff and were no closer than we were 30 years ago. lol you wouldnt know an environmental issue if it bit you in that huge ass of yours. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .

From : nosey

on sun 10 oct 2004 180851 -0400 steve@carolinabreezehvac wrote during the 2000 elections many democrats were going around in vans and busses collecting and hauling in potential democratic voters to the polls. i decided to haul in some republicans so i fueled up my suburban and started out .. but .. i couldnt think of anywhere to go. if i had been going for democrats it would have been easy. the flop houses soup lines unemployment offices welfare offices the slums and neighborhoods. there are a lot of democrats there thatll vote for a pack of cigarettes. but i never did think of anywhere to go to collect a load of potential republican voters. any ideas for 2004 yup go to your nearest rest area most are having their meal of tube steak. bfg roy roy.... you must know something i dont...never met a republican fag..altho...i know they exist... seriously...when i was in palm springs they are the ones that are vote and hold democratic seats.. who said all repubicans were men beekeep no one....assumption got you again man.. .