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common 94 Ram transmission problems

From : ike881

Q: mine did this once and i posted it in this responses. i thought i was going nuts... mine occurred at my sons to-ball game. stopped put it in reverse stopped put it in drive and it was just like you said running on 4 cylinders. i shut it off started the engine and its never happened again. im no mechanic but it sounds to me like a engine control computer problem which will be fixed with some software update covered under a tsb. hi everyone this morning i stopped for coffee in my 03 1500 qc hemi 4x4 when i backed out of the parking space and put the truck in drive it felt like i drop 4 cylinders it wouldnt go over 3000 rpms top speed was about 40 mph. when i put the truck in drive i didnt come to a complete stop it was more of a really slow roll i mean barely moving. i put it in neutral and back in drive no change i put it in low 1 no change i stopped and put in park revved up the engine no change still 3000 rpms and it took a second or two to get there. i shut it off waited about 5 minutes started in back up it was fine. has anyone else had this problem could it be the electric throttle or the electric transmission thanks scott .