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From : gf

Q: when driving it for a while after it has heated up to normal operating temperature it will abruptly stall out for no apparent reason. it doesnt sputter to a stop but rather just stops dead. after coasting to the shoulder and waiting about a minute or so with the ignition off it will start right back up again as if nothing has happened. this reminds me of the problem my 93 3.9 4x4 dak had a few years ago.the solution was both simple to fix and hard to find the pin securing the hall effect sensor on the distributor rotor shaft a small tubular pin had failed thus permitting the moving part of the sensor to slip forward upon releasing the gas pedal due to difference of inertia between the sensor and the rotor shaft. as soon as the motor was starting the sensor would slip backwards to the proper position... i found out about it by accident tinkering the night before taking it for a fuel pump replacement... a very small piece of thin chicken wire that was available to me at the time fixed it for at least 15.000 km before i had the pin replaced which by the way 2.000km later failed again trashing the moving part of the sensor. stelios .