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carb options for Dodge 318

From : daniel j stern

Q: on thu 27 may 2004 it was written ive got an old dodge truck has a 318 w/ the original 2 barrel. that covers a lot of different trucks made in a lot of different years and equipped with one of two kinds of 318 engine and a lot of different original 2 barrel carburetors made by one of three different manufacturers. can you be a little more specific about the year and model of the truck and the make and model of 2bbl carburetor youre starting with if the truck is newer than 69 also note whether its a 49-state california canada or rest-of-world-spec truck emissions system and whether it has an automatic or manual transmission. im thinking of changing to a 4 barrel - would it give me any more gas mileage over a 2 barrel a brand-new economy 4bbl on a good manifold compared to a worn-out 2bbl on a poor manifold you bet. a brand-new too-large 4bbl on a poor manifold compared to a worn-out 2bbl on a poor manifold a used too-large 4bbl also how is this truck used highway flyer/unloaded heavy hauler rock climber grocery getter lots of variables here. it sounds like the goal is better mileage so dont get too hung up on swapping this carb for that carb -- spell out what the truck is and how you use it and then we can discuss how to make it get better mileage. i was thinking of maybe one of those smaller holley 600cfm vacuum 2ndary carbs 600cfm is not smaller. 390cfm is smaller. -stern .