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black plastic trim

From : lee

Q: iirc mitsubishi designed it for gm and based the design of their truck motor. then gm made some changes.... -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving me wrote have you noticed that gmc hasnt had many ads out for the duramax lately they screwed up all the motors they bought from mitsubishi and they wont honor the warranties cuz gm wrecked them would you care to explain how mitsubishi and the duramax are related sheesh! .


From : mike simmons

you really are a fucking idiot arent you you should be asking for a way to delete yourself im sure this response was very helpful. .

From : Annonymous

let me get this straight you wonder why i argue over an issue that will affect all of us and our vehicle choices as well as set precedents for other things while tbone and jerry argue over sexual references and who insulted who the most best worst smallest largest etc thats right! so why do you invest so much time and expression into your arguments with people when they are notorious for resorting to sexual references havent you learned yet i think youve missed the point altogether. no...the point here is i think that you must really enjoy rolling all the facts fancy words and bullshit off your finger tips just to pleasure yourself on proving people wrong. but hey...everybody has their own needs and emotional stability so who am i to criticize your livelihood right im not arguing with ya...just stating the facts brother! .