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big dodge work topper

From : nathan w collier

Q: i got the big dodge set up for work now. http// -- nathan w. collier http// http// http// http// i like the graphic of the bighorn sheep on the topper........ thats cool how is wifes truck coming any updates .


From : mort

1992 dodge mid size truck v6 22 gallon tank i replace the fuel pump but the low gas light remain on and the gauge sitting on empty. before replacing the fuel pump it was not working the truck has been setting up for about 2 yrs. 70500 miles. .

From : nathan w collier

one thing im not sure about is the clutch fan strictly mechanical or are there any electrical sensors anywhere in the circuit strictly mechanical if not just how does the clutch fan operate do you know theres a viscous fluid inside the clutch that becomes more viscous thick with heat. so as the fan clutch gets hotter the clutch grabs more. .

From : markansas859

i have 11 dtcs stored in my pcm. i was able to flash them and record what they are. now i just need someone with a service manual to tell me what each code is. any help would be greatly appreciated. john .