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back in the sadle

From : Annonymous

Q: red oxide clutchs converter tps cable remove & rebuild.....$1400.00 thats a pretty good price for a complete rebuild. .


From : tom lawrence

im not going to get into a pissing contest but i think a logical step was taken. in addition asking for help and suggestions is reasonable and prudent. putting someone down and trying to make them feel bad about themselves is highly unproductive. one could spend just as much time with a voltmeter. what would you do xclimation wrote stop trying to fix your car yourself you seam to have no aptitude for it. jam is this a joke i had the exact same problem with my 93 dakota about 5 years ago. i was about to replace the fan myself just like copperhead. i posted on here and luckily someone posted the solution. believe you/me i have the aptitude. there is a difference between changing parts until you hit the right one and troubleshooting to find the fault. jam .