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Windshield wiper switch - 97 Dakota

From : electrician

Q: j the aisi 300 series stainless steel are austenetic non magnetic generally pretty and can handle high heat. kitchen ss is 304 marine ss is 316 chemical and food industry is 316ti and 316l. blast furness heat treat manifolds and engine valves are 301 ss. these ss alloys do not corrode easily but they work harden fatigue and crack easily and they have poor machining characteristics with the exception of 303. aisi 400 series stainless steels are magnetic and corrosion resistant not corrosion proof. they are generally stronger and some alloys can be hardened like 440 knives. this series is less expensive melt at a lower temperature and resist fatigue better than austenetic types cosecquently they can be machined drawn and forged easier. this is the series used for exhaust systems. all stainless welds will rust even with the correct filler rod. this is caused by iron molecule migration to the surface under high heat. once welded the welds must be passivated to prevent excessive rusting. this can be done both through electro etching or acid exposure which removes the surface iron. stainless welding can be done using all methods except oxact gas. steve so they dont make truly stainless steel exhaust systems that dont rust at all rust. my stainless steel kitchen knives dont rust so why should this are your kitchen knives constantly exposed to heat acids and moisture on one side and water and road salt on the other rust is the result of oxidation of iron. stainless steel although containing a fair amount of chromium and nickel is still mostly iron. .