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Window Leak on Dodge Ram 1500 Single Cab

From : briceh

Q: on sat 19 jul 2003 155619 gmt budd cochran wrote again bullshit! you dont have any idea what a hives weighs or how many you could get in a 3/4 ton van. i never posted anything about overloading it with honey either. as usual you are just taking out of your ass and i am sure your breath proves it. i dont are you the only beekeeper in the universe actually methinks thou doth protest overmuchly. but it could be you just suffer from bee sting related memory loss and have forgotten what you have posted. put some inteligence where your mouth is and prove it. you cant so you wont. and no i wouldnt go bragging about something that looked like that cushman. was that a special olympics project at least i have enough confidence in my skills that i am not afraid or ashamed to let others know what ive built. wheres some pics of your work im sure paulie at orange county choppers is green with envy after seeing that project! pics of my work this one started out in two milk crates a frame and a motor block http// http// http// this one is my everyday ride a 2002 1200 xls http// my lawn mower a/c still to be installed but basically complete 1960 vintage case 930 80 hp http// current projects include a d-50 trike and a sidecar for my jack russels. beekeep .


From : mattb

on sun 20 jul 2003 180223 gmt jerry wrote beekeep wrote pics of my work nice bike but i like the tractor better. jerry -- character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking. it will mow 12 acres in about 2 hours! beekeep .