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Why no transmission oil drain plug? Ask T-Bone....he'll tellyou..

From : tbone

Q: on thu 26 jun 2003 082253 gmt denny wrote my chiltons manual only mentions two types a screw in plug like an oilpan or a plug free type that requires removing the diff cover. 1996 ram v-6 auto 76000km plug free type how do you put the oil in denny you stand the truck on its nose open the cover and pour it in! beekeep .


From : ignoramus5278

hi all! i have a 91 dakota 5.2l 4-wheel drive. it just flunked inspection. not emissions but the upper and lower ball joints are gone and tierod ends. im going to do the work myself. any suggetions on problems i might encounter or any tips to make things easier or less frustating thanks john .

From : tbone

my take on this issue is... having a drain plug is great if only as a convenience. i would prefer to drop a drained pan than a full pan. last time i did it i remained unscathed but i would rather deal with an empty pan. i .