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Why no transmission oil drain plug? Ask T-Bone....he'll tell

From : guitar boogie

Q: .... drivetran from wiseguys4 i have a 98 dodge dakota 4wd 5 speed. was cruising down the road when i noticed things in my rear mirror flying off from under the truck stopped looked under rear and the drive tran shaft fell completely off of the rear transfer case housing. just before it fell off i noticed things getting noisy when i let off the gas and when i stepped on the gas it would get quite. she is in the shop now but no word yet. i have had nothing but trouble with this truck in the last year had to replace front brake calipers neede a intake gasket manifold exhaust manifold bolts on both sides snapped. i had just had the transfer case oil changed in the front and rear approx. 6 weeks ago or 1500 miles ago. truck has 115000 miles on it. anyone have any ideas what caused this. i tow a boat with itbut only twice a year to put the boat in its slip and then at the end of the season weight of the boat is 3500lbs and my truck is a v6 3.9. any thoughts or similar experience i thank you for your help and suggestions. john ........... ignorance caused it. ..gibson6string.. ....... .