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Why all the defense of dealerships and Service Departments?

From : phsabresfan

Q: sigh.. no rick its not that simple..if its that simple...get started. go ahead..start charging her up.. you asked a question and you got the correct answer not one time but twice. we hear things like this every freaking day. a sight glass does not tell you when its full. fact. you cant not use your other senses to tell when its charged. fact...unless you consider sight...meaning you are looking at the scale that tells you when you have added enough or you have added enough cans to exactly equal the factory charge and thats damn hard since its rare you can hit it dead on with a 12oz can. more things than low charge can create a no cool condition. overcharge for example. tev not working correctly. blower not up to speed...blend doors not open or closed correctly...clogged filters...bad compressor.. and*if* if is low where is the leak head pressures are ok right the fan for the condensors working like it needs to head pressures tell you this and much more. again...a sight glass on a 134a system is useless. its also useless contrary to popular non trained belief on a stationary system. ambient temps can make a system appear to be full when its not even close and they can also make a system look low when its overcharged. depending on the metering device you may or may not see bubbles and on some you must have a slight bubbling at say...80 to 90f ambients or its overcharged. its real simple... recover vac weigh and recharge. come to think of it...the sight glass on my r12 units is totally useless now too...since with r416a you only use 80% of the factory charge..its a blend and the glide rates are should see that sucker bubble...but yet it cools as good as r12..amazing isnt it no..its not rocket science...i hear that one every day too..normally as i am writing the bill out for joe billybobs screw up but it is thermal dynamics fluid dynamics and physics. someone much smarter than you and i has determined the proper charge in advance very handy on systems like automotive that run in a multitude of enviroments unlike home systems that require about 2 hours of tune time to properly get it can charge a vehicle in minutes not hours. there is no superheat or subcool to check...just recover the charge check the weight if its not factory levels of charge find the leak repair vac and recharge to factory weight. just because you are used to charging the system wrong and dont have the tools and knowledge to do it right dont hate those of us that do. this was not a flame just cold hard pun intended. ok cb i have installed many refrigeration remote systems using r-134a. i charge them all via sight glass with no problems. i think the real reason many r134 automotive systems do not have sight glasses is because they use a fixed metering device. i dont recall seeing txvs on autos of late my jetta was running warm and i tried to top off with my sense of touch i did not get the desired results. i guess i will start from scratch with a weighed in charge. on the other hand i can easily top off the charge on small cap tube refrigerators so go figure .


From : matt kinsinger

i tried buying new bolts at my local chrysler dealer was told they are no longer available but that standard off the shelf bolts would be ok. so does that me i can use standard grade 8 bolts and or stainless i though they needed a special thread like stove bolts. as i dont worship locally i guess i better buy a tap and die set. obtw ive never heard of kroil. rc a can of kroiltm . and... a few candles at your local houze of worship should do the trick... grg whats the easiest way to remove stuck exhaust manifold bolts. ive gotten 14 of 16 bolts loose but two dont what to release. im afraid of breaking them off in the head. of the ones ive removed there is significant under cutting just below the hex head actually 4 are hex nuts. ive tried wd40 on a warm not hot manifold but no luck. the engine has never had the heads off before. 1975 360 cid 42000 miles. rc .

From : miles

here here!! its day 6 and my 03 dakota quad-cab still sits in the same spot where it as been since being towed to the five star service center - whatever that means... dc has no customer service.. i will never spend a penny on ford... i customer service counts and daimlerchrysler and its dealerships fail at that. my wife next car will not be a daimlerchrysler product. as much as i like my 03 dakota i will not spend another cent on daimlerchrysler. steve remove spam for e-mail .

From : roy

did you have a barrier set up so greenpeace was kept at a safe distance ill let him answer that one when he gets home. funny though i never gave a thought to people never seeing the ocean before. his daughter first time. seas were real calm which can be very misleading. none of them are swimmers so i left him with the rule no deeper that your knees. shit can and does happen real fast. on a separate note is there a company strasser woodworks near you bought a bunch of stuff of theirs. supposed to be top line and have gone through 5 medicine cabinets so far things are cracked or scuffed. damn nightmare. should have gone to homo depot. roy .

From : milesh

actually gm learned this from chrysler so they can survive if that is the case dc had better go for a refresher course. the caddy dealership sue takes her car to is fantastic if they keep the car overnight for parts they put her in a new caddy not a escort. they overnight their parts next day air if needed. also wash the car when they give it back. she makes an appointment at 9am and thats when the car goes in none of this sorry we didnt get to it give us a call in a couple of days we will call ya taxi. the chevy dealer isnt as good but is a close second when ive had the z06 in for warranty work. how ya makin out with the race toy oh say slowly after me kenseth ! hate to say i told ya so but i did a couple of years ago. gbmfg roy .

From : roy

roy wrote if that is the case dc had better go for a refresher course. the caddy dealership sue takes her car to is fantastic if they keep the car overnight for parts they put her in a new caddy not a escort. thats a caddy dealership. you wont get the same service with other less expensive gms autos unless youre lucky to find a great dealership. .

From : milesh

yeah brain cramp here i meant he was supposed to be thru here on the 6th or 7th btw hes back in nc the move was a disaster and the preservation of domestic tranquility took precedence over other concerns thats all im going to say.......... um gary not to be nitpicky but the 4th of july was on a friday this year the 5th was a saturday maybe thats why you two didnt connect bg he was due thru here il on sunday or monday 7 / 4-5 but didnt call he missed a free meal .

From : roy

probably still settling in but some of us do miss his posts. hi roger thanks much for the concern! i dont really know where to begin to explain everything other than to link you to this post i made late last night just got internet service yesterday http// and to say that we will make it back as soon as possible but under different circumstances. montana/wyoming/dakotas are really amazing places and now that ive seen them i wont be satisfied until im back. -- nathan w. collier http// .

From : mike simmons

arekay wrote i have a 2002 ram 1500 4x4 with 20 wheels. being new to trucks and not very familiar with their handling i have a question hopefully someone can answer. whenever i drive over railroad crossings and roadway expansion joints 25mph the rear of the truck bounces and is very annoying. i was wondering if this is normal or not and what modifications can i make to reduce this effect. thanks for responses in advance. thats common with many trucks that are built to handle loads. however i find that the stock shocks are junk and contribute to this greatly. i changed my shocks to some monroe sensatrac lts and i hardly notice it at all anymore. .

From : Annonymous

disconnect battery ground ground welder as close to work as possible protect the fuel tank and have fun lying on your back with the sparks. gary i have a 97 dodge ram. the weld on the tailpipe bracket is broken. this sets off a terrible buzzing at certain rpm ranges. if i clean this up and use my mig welder to make the repair are there any special considerations regarding the vehicles electronics i dont want to fix the exhaust and have a truck thats not going to start/run because i fried its computer! any help you can give me would be most appreciated. .

From : mike simmons

you can get back what you are out... the trouble in my case is that the wifeys employer in montana is paying for the move and then they will look to us for reimbursement. they may deny the claim based upon my letter to them ill update you when i know more. -- nathan w. collier http// .

From : redneck tookover hell

did you have a barrier set up so greenpeace was kept at a safe distance as he is away from his putor. but if asked certain questions i will try to answer them.g .

From : cbhvac

where on earth did you find a lot of defending of service departments in this group perty much everybody realizes the places are seriously ethically challenged scumbag plagued overwhelmingly incompetent utterly disinterested in your problems and generally run by total ass*oles. on mon 21 jul 2003 182432 -0700 hodad wrote i smell a troll. sounds like total bullshit to me. hd i am puzzled by all the defense of dealerships and service departments. i have a 2003 dakota quad-cab that this past wednesday 7-16-2003 lost all power and the check engine light mil came on. i called the dealership a five star center whatever the hell that means and they couldnt be bothered. sorry but we are all booked up. mr. jones has to have his oil changed and the fact that your brand new truck just died means nothing to us. he suggested another dealership. so i said thank you very little and called another dealership. my truck has been sitting in the same spot now since wednesday and everytime i call to inquire i get... geez augh uhmm let me call you back and surprise no one calls me back... now there is five star service for you...same old dodge same ole crappy service. hasnt changed since i bought a lemon dodge in 86. .

From : Annonymous

hey all just got the 2500 quad hemi. any suggestions on what to throw on it for improved gas mileage and hp or any suggestions on other things for the truck traded in our 02 dakota for it and man lots more room and power!! thanks jason. .

From : dan j s

hey guys have not been around for a long while. i thought someone could give me some insite! my 99 durango is making a loud vibration noise when the ac is on. i am told that it is the ac muffler. what is that and why is it making noise. what needs to be done to fix it. thanks andy .

From : hodad

tbone wrote tom why do i get the impression he ranted and raved at the service managers until they darn near or did toss him out i dont think that he had any dealings with the service department. this rant is totally with new car sales. it would be more credible if he actually named them and the state that they were in. i also dont know what he expects dc to really do about it. like most whiners give him 40 super-quadrillion million dollars and a new toyota. . . or what ever this weeks equivalent is. after all what are the chances of there being three lousy dealerships they wouldnt stay in business. . . . budd unfortunately that is not true. it has become expected that the dealer is going to try and screw you over and that it is the buyers responsibility to protect themselves against it how sad. admittedly i havent bought a new vehicle since 72 but friends both here other groups and where i live dont seem to have all those probs. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving if lunch tastes like crap you may not be cut out for climbing the corporate ladder vbg budd .

From : neil nelson

how furry is he...really average for one of his size. is it true that one ear is floppy and one stands out at a 90 degree angle no both are the same. is it true that due to a mishap with the machine his tail isnt cottonballish i have no knowledge of what or how he and red used the machine is it true that if you mention easter around him he goes into a catanic rage i didnt have the balls to mention easter his wife and daughter were with us. is it true that hes gotten a skunk mohawk as to be treated better and with more respect by the other furry woodland creatures he was sporting a sorta $1.50 haircuts ya had when you were a kid. roy .

From : mike simmons

so you believe that since it changes size with the seasons it cant be in jeopardy by releasing cfcs its in greater jeopardy due to nature. lol -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .

From : tbone

try fargo nd! i agree it was pretty awesome when i came through there the first time through! -- nathan w. collier http// .

From : mike simmons

take a look in the turbo diesel register at http// lots of good info on the dodge. hello all... i have a 2003 ram 2500 with the cummins 5.9l ho engine and the automatic tranny. i have just under 10000 miles on it so far. i have heard of other ram owners with diesel engines claiming that they get close to +/- 20mpg. i dont get anywhere close to this. the best i have ever gotten was 16mpg and on average i get about 14.8 - 15. typical use is highway miles usually empty driver and maybe one small passenger and not towing anything. i typically have the cruise control set at 80mph and the engine tachs at about 2300 at that speed. the crazy thing is that i get almost the exact same mileage when towing a 4000lbs trailer. the power this truck has is truely impressive but i thought i would get a little better mpgs. if there are any other 2003 cummins ho auto-tranny owners out there who track their mileage i would be very interested in what you are getting. thanks! .

From : tbone is the same valve...a tire valve is called a schrader as well.. by its very design the higher the internal pressure the tighter the seal. actually it is not the same valve... that is why i put schrader in quotes. besides that you shouldnt be using the same valve for a/c that you would be using in the tire. yes i know that it fits but a a/c guy told me to use an a/c shrader valve when appplicable not in this case on thu 24 jul 2003 000454 -0400 curmudgeon wrote hope you never have a flat tire!! cause its the same damn valve. any tire store can fix you up. i have a 97 dodge ram - 1500 4x4 with a slow leak in the low pressure service port. i cant seem to find a replacement on the web... can anyone please point me in the right direction it is the schrader valve that seems to be the culprit. i do not want to add the quick fix sealer... just replace the valve while i have the pressure of zero. any help would be appreciated. bill .

From : roy

with a properly inspired engine. the 360 was a dog 240 hp....... lol! you people are horsepower freaks! i mean that in a good way of course. sort of like in the 1971 masterpiece film 2 lane blacktop where gto tells james taylors character the gtos fast enough and james taylors character responds by saying you can never go fast enough. i get by just fine in my 87 dodge ram d150 slant 6. bettie only has 90 ponies under the hood but she has a lot of torque relative to her hp and she gets me down to the diner for my coffee and she hauls a lot of lumber for me. shes the perfect woman -- never complains or bucks. -----= posted via uncensored usenet =----- http// - the #1 group service in the world! -----== over 80000 groups - 16 different servers! =----- .