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Where is the fuse for lighter plug? 1999 1500

From : ignoramus23445

Q: on my 95 1500 and my 2500 diesel both trucks either pulled to the right or wandered back and forth when they were new. i took both back to the dealer and their alignment machine was down and they sent them out to a independent garage. when the 1500 came back it still pulled i turned around and took it back and they got to looking at it and the right side brake caliper was stuck and making it pull. i fixed that and both truck drove perfect. i went to the garage and asked what they did different than the dealer and bill said they had a different brand alignment machine and used its spec. and not chryslers spec. and they also did a four wheel alignment they said. both trucks drive perfect for the last three years and the only tire wear i have is usually under inflated wear cant stand the rough ride at 80 lbs.. you can let the steering wheel go and itll go straight. good luck w my 97 2500 drives great and doesnt wear tires yet when i took it to have the alignment checked they said it was out of spec and couldnt be adjusted. they recommended a frame shop. randy wrote have a 2000 1 ton dually w/cummins engine and 4x4. had the truck in for front end alignment but the dam thing still pulls to the right. its like the steering box is off a little. if i straighten out the steering wheel it will go a little to the right and have to turn it a little to the left to keep it straight but still wants to pull. any suggestions my own 2001 1500 pulls to the right as did my 1999 1500. i have heard over and over from ram owners who say theirs also pulls to the right. each time a dealer aligns it they are told its in spec. .