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Wheel / lug locks. How, what, directions?

From : todd w roat

Q: thanks for the reply craig. not being that mechanical i assume that was the same sensor over and over again. what was the syptom that triggered your taking it in to find that problem were they easy diagnoses or dealer service problematic ie cant verify the condition thanks my 98 2500 cummins qc 4x4 was built in st louis also. 15000 miles replaced crank sensor 23000 miles replaced crank sensor 25000 miles replaced thermostat 59998 miles replaced crank sensor just under warranty 68000 miles replaced crank sensor now at 83000 miles the tranny is slipping out of gear when cold. overall i am extremely happy with my truck after owning a toyota that was in the shop for 6 months waiting for a new block. craig madigan wrote would you agree with the 2003 ram totally negative cr report ive got a 03 ram 1500 regular cab 5.7l hemi with 7000 miles built 12/02 in st. louis mo. so far - both doors not closing properly adjusted at 1500 miles - front brake rotors warped and replaced at 6000 miles - passenger side door seal worn out replaced at 7500 miles - 20 factory wheels needed rebalancing three times already i think all of the above are things that should not happen to a brand new vehicle unless there is a serious quality control/design problem. but oh well its a domestic truck and the hemi kicks a$$ .


From : ron mcneil

new ram 1500 hemi owner asking lots of questions to the group and loving the new truck. came with wheel/lug locks. in my folder of out the door brochures manuals extra keys and info was the bacg of 5 standard lugs. didnt think much of it because i assumed it would be covered in the manual. couldnt find it in the manual. how do they work how do you get them off if you have a flat and is there a special tool i shopuld have received thanks todd .