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What's up with the Diesel.

From : yum

Q: think enron then it makes sense. inventor. i live at the place where they make gasoline then ship it out of the area then ship it back in which increases the costs. sounds totally moronic to me here is texas the cost of diesel fuel now cost more that the 93 octane gasoline i dont know where in texas you are but it must not be around houston where diesel is running .10 to .15 per gallon cheaper than unleaded regular. ur = 1.389 to 1.489 diesel = 1.289 to 1.369 .


From : yum

here in the phila. area 87 is $1.39 a gallon diesel at $1.89 a gallon. the truckers here have been screeming. just gosh awfull greed and for a throwaway product. do you know what the refiners would do with diesel and gasoline if we didnt buy it dump in the woods just like they did in the late 1800s. now we drive 4 wheel recycle machines with fancy catalitic filters and take care of the mess. and if we get too much mileage reformulate for worse mileage. the yugo use to get 55 miles to the gallon now only 20. same car just different fuel. inventor. .

From : yum

jim alder wrote exit wrote in educated republican wrote i love my v-10 sittin way up high. the power is unimagined and i feel heroic singing to lee greenwood. i like to push the guy ahead in the liberal econobox. even more when i have my headlights on blinding his mirrors! god made this country great so we could have power on demand because its all about us. god told rush that only he can change warming so my little output dont matter. if the enviros ban big motors we will be robbed of our power rights so write to your repesentatives or just crush the next subaru you see! steve is that what passes for educated these days ;- nah. its what passes for a liberal troll these days. why is all this bollocks so political in the us petrol is $5 a gallon here in the uk and very few people care what you drive. -- julian. ---------- general melchett from blackadder describing his regiments coat of arms . . . .two dead frenchmen atop a pile of dead frenchmen. . . . . .

From : randy

on sun 06 jul 2003 222342 gmt exit wrote scrape at mindspring dot com wrote on sun 06 jul 2003 204007 gmt exit wrote forgive my lack of knowledge of us political parties as i am an englishman - i take it the democrats are the very right wing party and the republicans are the even more right wing party nope. youve got it wrong. the democrats are the socialists and the republicans are the liberals. democrats are socialists to be a socialist like tony blair or karl marx you need to believe in state ownership of big business. a command economy. redistribution of wealth. that the struggle between the proletariat and bourgeois is a politcal struggle. state provision of services. it still looks to me as though you have two right wing parties neither of whom would know socialism if it hit them in the face! ;- perhaps you need to look a bit closer. im not familiar with the phrase command economy but everything else you mentioned is dead on what the democrats want. bullshit .

From : craig

in a post i made regarding my deciding to go with 4.7l or hemi 2003 ram i received several emails saying to never buy a new model/generation engine. assuming you would inn effect be a guinea pig for all the problems the new engine will need twekaed. is this a myth i would suspect it makes some sense logically. i bought the hemi without considering this fact. love it...... so far ;^ is there anyone who has put a lot of miles on their hemi yet todd let me tell you about the dodge hemi. i work for a financial company looking at investing into a company that provides assembly line automation. i ended up hooking up with some people in the auto industry. i actually went to the testing facilities where they were working with the new 5.7 hemi. they were putting it through hell! i mean non stop at 4000 rpm for weeks onend. they would then stop it cool it in this freezer and then bring it out again. this was not a prototype. this was the final version and not tweaked in any way. i think they put what would be close to 250000 miles on the engine. it was amazing! the only reason i didnt buy a dodge with a hemi was because the dealer was an ass and i still have issues with dodge trannies believe it or not i am a toyota man for now but i am shopping for a dodge 2500 with a hemi. anyway do not worry about this engine. it was built very well. if anything make sure you have yourself covered on the tranny. the hemi is built like a tank. do not regret it. .