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What to use for detailing

From : smudgecity

Q: and rod bearings and cam bearings would someone be kind enough to tell me where i can locate the oil pressure sending sensor on a 1997 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5.9l i suspect that mine may be going bad because the oil light constantly comes on when i drop below 1000 rpm idling at a full stop and lately the pressure guage has been dropping to 0 while idling as well. as soon as i pop back above 1000 rpm the light goes off and the guage goes back to just a hair below 40. the truck is not burning any oil and has 164000 miles on it. thank you! jason at 164000 miles i would plan for an engine rebuild in the near future if the sending unit doesnt correct your problem. low oil pressure is normally caused by worn crankshaft main bearings. .


From : robs440

=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d= =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d 97 ram check engine light from low=a0places i have a 97 ram 1500 5.9l 4x4 70000 miles and the check engine lights comes on when the fuel level is below 1/4 tank. the truck wont idle right when the check eng light is on. the mil code is 21 which is telling me the left o2 sensor needs replacing. i am hoping that someone can tell me if this sounds like the right symptoms for an o2 sensor. i guess i am cheap because i dont want to shell out $100.00 if it wont fix it. to me it acts like a fuel pump. thanks larry =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d= =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d larry it took a few hours....and some serious diagnostic abilities to narrow this thing down to a cheap fix. but here it is...... using the symptoms that you listed i came up with this........ dont let the tank get down to 1/4 before you put gas in it. the only gauranteed or your money back cure i could come up with. ...gibson6string... next customer please...... =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d= =3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d=3d .

From : greg surratt

you fill from the top port until fluid starts coming out. if 7 quarts came out its good bet 7 go back in. i bought 2 gallons last time i changed the trans fluid in my 2000 dak and had some left over so 7 sounds about right... sean rec.bicycles.marketplace .