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From : justme

Q: my a/c isnt working in my 97 ram pu and i noticed that the a/c clutch does not come on and drive the compressor at all. i checked to see if it spins and it does. is their a way to test the clutch their is a 2 prong electrical plug leading too it and is it just a matter of putting 12 volts on it .


From : jacob suter

350c wrote i have been reading this string for the last couple of days and have found the conversations both interesting and knowledgeable although i must take exception with this statement. personally i think its the lack of school uniforms in american schools that causes problems - last thing you want in education is independent individuals! independent thought is what leads to creativity. the last thing that i would want for a gifted child is to put him/her into a situation where they were expected to follow the flock and stay at the same level as those around them. i know uniformity takes away individuality but isnt it individuals with independent thought that create and discover the soviet union and other communist states tried the mass mentality idea and look what it got them. please do not send spam hahahaha - i cannot believe you are slow-witted enough to take my humourous comment seriously! -- julian. ---------- general melchett from blackadder describing his regiments coat of arms . . . .two dead frenchmen atop a pile of dead frenchmen. . . . . .