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Vacuum leak ? On a stall problem

From : artbust

Q: on fri 4 nov 2005 202728 -0500 artbust wrote hi russ ! i still havnt pinpointed my problem........but it looks according to a mechanic that looked at it that it could be a gasket vacuum leak somewhere between the carburator and the intake or the intake and the block gaskets i too am stranded in my driveway...cause i cant take the chance to stall and push i remember trying to push the beast by hand forget that it will not move an inch its a class b motorhome b-200 i remember someone telling me not to change anything unless you are shure ! my 360cu.i double barrel starts exceptionally good........idles nice and smoothly but the minute i step on the accelerator it still stalls on me i am still waiting for my chrysler mechanic to free himself up to peep at my beast ! sounds to me like you need to replace the rubber on the accelerator pump. iirc you need to put in the red one not the black one. it was a very common problem in the late seventies/early eighties on all mopar 2bbls and some singles. i was just wondering if you had new devellopments on yours.............. regards j-p. p.s. oh yeah big al did you look at our previous exchanges .....all the symptoms are described....thanks for inquiring ! .


From : Annonymous

my 2004 durango ltd. hemi 4x4 just turned 15k miles so it was time for a change of differential lube front and rear according to the schedule b maintenance list. so i pulled up the required fluid types and amounts from my service manual cd and checked for tsbs before ordering 3qt ea. of severe gear 75w90 for the front and 3 qt of 75w140 for the rear from amsoil. im happy to say that the old oil was pretty clean with no nasty chunks. the front went quick and the refill seemed to be about the capacity listed in the sm. i followed the tsb 03-001-04a and pumped in enough to meet the 3/4 below the fill hole by the pipecleaner method. the rear was slightly more time consuming but uneventful. according to the sm i should have pumped in 70 oz. but the level was way below the 7/8 below the fill hole on my 8.25 rear. i kept pumpin until i reached the 7/8 point but used all 3 qt. of the 70w140 to do it less an allowance of a few oz. wasted in the bottles and pump. so maybe 90 oz or so. i triple checked the dipstick level but im still wondering if i overfilled it. i dont think the amsoil is prone to foaming so is it a problem btw no leaks seen. .