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Update to '04 transmission problem, and thanks

From : driveramridequad

Q: well i took my truck to a long time local reputable transmission shop explained to them my problems/concerns and was offered an appointment. i dropped it off the next morning at 730ish. by about 10 am i had a phone call and was informed informed the diagnosis codes were correct which i didnt doubt and the fluid was dirty but not classified as burnt.... hmmm interesting. they told me they would have to drop the pan and see what/if any damage was apparent. well by noon the pan was dropped and guess what no debris or any damage!!! they replaced the solenoid/governor sensor flushed the entire system adjusted things and for only about $725 the problem was resolved! its unfortunate that the only option/repair the dealer seemed willing to perform was a complete replacement for $$$4300.... sheesh. thanks tom for your input and advice and to the others who put in their pennies too.... .